Compost Wizard Personnel provide a variety of services in support of organic recycling facilities. Below is a short list of services that are offered.

Equipment Selection

The correct selection of equipment that works best for your situation is imperative to get correct from the very beginning.  The various brands and models all have widely varying operating abilities, cost and maintenance requirements and having a detailed evaluation of the types of equipment required to make an informed decision is critical for the overall success of any operation.

Facility Planning

We specialize in determining the feasibility of a composting facility early in the evaluation stage of a project.  Once the project has been determined to be feasible and economically viable, a facility plan will be developed. This plan includes a site layout, materials handling flow including quantitative values of how much product is in each step of the process, management requirements as well as a detailed economic evaluation.


The permitting process is often daunting and difficult.  We can assist you with the various requirements of the state and local permitting programs in order to develop a permit that will flow through the permitting process with minimal corrections required.

Product Market Analysis

The goal of many recycling operations is to sell various organic products (compost, soils, fertilizers..) so developing a marketing plan that will help sell those products is extremely important.  We conduct market analysis  to determine where your products need to be sized and priced to enter in your particular market to maximize your business goals.


We provide on site training and continuing education to compost operators and managers. We specialize in training management of multiple facilities within