Compost Wizard is the exclusive marketer of earthworm castings produced by Bear Creek Worm farm of Douglas, GA.  Bear Creek is one of the largest vermiculture operations in the southeast and has been supplying the Southeastern USA bait and tackle market for the past 20 years.

Bear Creek is one of the only suppliers of earthworm castings that sells in bulk quantities which is ideal for distributors that wish to private label the castings.   With a very large and ever growing inventory of castings, the normal production and supply issues are not an issue. The high quality castings are derived from natural feedstocks and cured to concentrate the available nutrients and enhance product quality.

The University of Georgia conducted a very simple growth test using young tomato plants gown in Bear Creek worm castings, Georgia red clay and a potting mix that came with the transplant tomatoes.  After the 30 day test period, the results were quite visible.  Click here to see the results.

Castings weigh about 1,000 lbs per cubic yard.  Actual weight may vary but it is usually heavier. So one ton (2,000 lbs) is roughly 2 cubic yards of castings.

CALL 678-794-6664 to arrange for shipping quote and payment options.

PRICE: (all prices are FOB Douglas, GA 31535)

$150.00 – 1 yrd (bulk) ~ 1,000 lbs

$300.00 – 1 ton (bulk) ~ 2,000 lbs

SHIPPING: We encourage customers to come to the farm and pick up orders in their own vehicles and trailers, both to save on freight costs and to see first hand the worm farming operation.  Shipping can be arranged for you and the cost is based on quantity and distance. Please contact us for an exact shipping quote.   Please keep in mind that the cost of shipping maybe more than the cost of the castings.