Biocycle Magazine

1) University Tests In-Vessel Composting of Food Residuals
2) Georgia Takes Many Routes to Recycle Food Residuals
3) Pilot-Scale Composting of University Food Residuals
4) Modeling a Compost Facility
5) New Emphasis On Managing Organic Residuals

Resource Magazine

1) Compost Wizard: Computer technology makes windrow operation planning easier

In Business Magazine

1) Georgia Juice Company Links up with Local Farm

Newspapers and Online Articles

1) Georgia Takes Many Routes to Recycle Food Residuals
2) Food Waste Composting, Institutional and Industrial Applications
3) Students Learn About Compost
4) Founders of Composting Club Outlines Initiatives
5) Urban Compost Demonstration Site
6) Lowly earthworms gaining popularity for all they can do
7) Compost Utilization for Erosion Control

Reports and Documents

1) Characterization and Quantification of Georgia’s Municipal Biosolids Production and Disposal
2) A Comprehensive Survey of Georgia’s Compost Industry
3) Assessment of the Recovery and Potential & By-Products from the Food Processing and Institutional Food Sectors in Georgia

Conference Proceedings

1) Y2K Composting in the Southeast Conference & Expo
3) ASAE  Annual Conference, Sacramento, CA, July 30-Aug 1, 2001 (Modeling the Design of Windrow Composting Operations to Maximize the Bottom Line)
4) World Congress of Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Iguazu Falls, Brazil Sept, 2001